On February 13, 2018, AMP’s community got together and welcomed University of Rhode Island’s faculty, Adam Roth, Lisa Bergson and three university students at Sonoma Bistro and WineBar in North Kingstown. Adam Roth, accompanied by Lisa Bergson, had an engrossing presentation on how URI prepares its students for real working world practices.

The room was full of business professionals who learned insights on what potential interns and new additions to the workforce are learning. The audience size nearly doubled compared to events in the last year, expressing the importance of business workers being informed of what millennials are learning and how that can benefit their company.

By working very closely with students, URI has a more intimate approach in the student’s learning experience. Three current URI students who are interning with the Harrington School Media Agency, explained how the university gives them hands on learning, which will better prepare them for their experiences with their future employers.