On May 24, 2017, AMP RI had Lynn Hall of BoldrDash visit us at the Red Stripe in East Greenwich. BoldrDash is a unique business; they host obstacle course races that everyone from elite athletes to beginners join to compete, be challenged and experience a one-of-a-kind exhilaration.

BoldrDash is a RI-based company and plans to continue hosting events in Rhode Island with at least two events coming this year.

Lynn shared her struggles as a new business with little capital and unknown abilities to bring paying racers to its first events. Seven years have passed since the beginning and today, BoldrDash continues to invest in more savvy marketing, new infrastructure, and increased excitement for every event.

A quick “Thank You” to Lynn and the BoldrDash team for sharing their story and for giving away a free ticket to their upcoming “Color” event!

Interested in learning more about BoldrDash? Check BoldrDashRace.com to see what is coming up.